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Wednesday, September 6, 2017



You must be a current 2017-2018 LIFE Member to attend.
CLICK HERE to register.

Thursday, August 31, 2017


You must be a current 2017-2018 LIFE Member to attend.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

You can renew your LIFE Membership starting July 1, 2017 ...but not before

As usual, membership for the next academic year will open July 1, but only for current members who are renewing their membership. The enrollment for new members will not open until August 8.  By then, we will be able to estimate the number of members that we can accommodate in our Fall 2017 courses.  We will only accept new members if we can establish that there is sufficient space for them in our program.

The membership year for the LIFE Institute runs from July 1 to June 30 and costs $80.00.
The Fall 2017 course list will be viewable in the first week of August.
On-line registration for Fall 2017 courses begins the week of Monday, August 14.

Volunteers run the LIFE Institute. All our programs depend on them, and volunteering is an important part of the LIFE experience. This year, we have added a volunteer form to the member renewal page. To build a volunteer database, we need new and current volunteers to complete the form. You have the option to click a check box to close the form without filling it out.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thank You, LIFE Moderators!

It is time to give a heartfelt thank you to our wonderful Moderators who presented courses during the period Fall 2016 through Spring 2017.

Throughout the year, they have offered all of us a chance to engage with other members in intellectually stimulating and enjoyable courses, giving us the opportunity both to learn and make new friends. Every one of us at LIFE appreciates their dedication, enthusiasm, and generosity in devoting so much time to planning, researching and presenting their exciting courses. We all know there would be no LIFE without them!

Rhonda Albert, David Alexandor, Lawrence Altrows, Peter Austin, Lawrence Altrows, Judy Beamish, Carolynn Bett, Bob Biderman, Suzette Blom, Hermine Borduas, Alex Borman, Jeanette Browne, Lloyd Cadsby, Gordon Cooper, David Corkill, Allan Currie, Donna Davey, Anne Demirjian, Marcel Deurvorst, Halton Doyle, Robert Fabian, Carolyn Filteau, David Fleming, Tim Gauntley, Rani Glick, Nestor Golets, Karen Goodis, Tamara Handler, Jess Hungate, Harold Hutner, Bob Johnston, Rayna Jolley, Geoff Kemp, Sandra Kingston, Harvey Levkoe, Edelgard Mahant, Terry McGrail, Ron McKee, George Menzel, Lillian Mills, Angèle Mongul, Françoise Mugnier, Paul O'Brien, Doug Paton, Simon Pearson, John Pluscauskas, Terry Poulton, Dorothy Rubinoff, Diane Schulman, Greg Shtock, Florence Silver, Alan L. Simons, Lindy Small, Ken Smookler, Judy Steed, Peter Tuer, Laura Tyson, Byron Wall, Jay Waterman, John Webb, Nan Weiner, Margaret Wells, Frances Wilkinson, Deborah Wingate, Ralph Wintrob, Philip Wood, Charles Wright, and Edward Zamble.