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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thank You, LIFE Moderators!

It is time to give a heartfelt thank you to our wonderful Moderators who presented courses during the period Fall 2016 through Spring 2017.

Throughout the year, they have offered all of us a chance to engage with other members in intellectually stimulating and enjoyable courses, giving us the opportunity both to learn and make new friends. Every one of us at LIFE appreciates their dedication, enthusiasm, and generosity in devoting so much time to planning, researching and presenting their exciting courses. We all know there would be no LIFE without them!

Rhonda Albert, David Alexandor, Lawrence Altrows, Peter Austin, Lawrence Altrows, Judy Beamish, Carolynn Bett, Bob Biderman, Suzette Blom, Hermine Borduas, Alex Borman, Jeanette Browne, Lloyd Cadsby, Gordon Cooper, David Corkill, Allan Currie, Donna Davey, Anne Demirjian, Marcel Deurvorst, Halton Doyle, Robert Fabian, Carolyn Filteau, David Fleming, Tim Gauntley, Rani Glick, Nestor Golets, Karen Goodis, Tamara Handler, Jess Hungate, Harold Hutner, Bob Johnston, Rayna Jolley, Geoff Kemp, Sandra Kingston, Harvey Levkoe, Edelgard Mahant, Terry McGrail, Ron McKee, George Menzel, Lillian Mills, Angèle Mongul, Françoise Mugnier, Paul O'Brien, Doug Paton, Simon Pearson, John Pluscauskas, Terry Poulton, Dorothy Rubinoff, Diane Schulman, Greg Shtock, Florence Silver, Alan L. Simons, Lindy Small, Ken Smookler, Judy Steed, Peter Tuer, Laura Tyson, Byron Wall, Jay Waterman, John Webb, Nan Weiner, Margaret Wells, Frances Wilkinson, Deborah Wingate, Ralph Wintrob, Philip Wood, Charles Wright, and Edward Zamble.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Celebrating LIFE and Our Coming of Age 2015 – Celebrate 25 years of LIFE at Ryerson

LIFE 25th anniversary logoAs a gift to our members and all members of the community LIFE has partnered with Mount Sinai Hospital's Geriatric Department, Dr. Samir Sinha and The Chang School, Ryerson University to present a series of seminars on healthy ageing.

Celebrating LIFE and Our Coming of Age, is a lineup of five seminars with renowned experts in their field.

February 28
Dr. Samir Sinha
will address this question:
Is Toronto ready to meet our needs as we age?
A prominent panel discussion will be followed by a Q & A.

Dr Samir SinhaDr. Sinha is the Director of Geriatrics for Mount Sinai and University Health Network Hospitals and the Provincial Lead for Ontario’s Seniors Strategy
Mt Sinai Geriatrics Logo
LIFE members and the general public can register online using a credit card at https://celebratinglife-and-our-coming-of-age.eventbrite.ca

March 28
There is a Robot that Will Care for Me? How Technology Can Support our Ageing Population
Speaker: Dr. Geoff Fernie, Director, Research Institute, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI)

This session will focus on technology advances that are being developed in Toronto that can be used to keep older adults in their homes longer while staying safe, active, and able to fulfil responsibilities. Dr. Fernie will highlight the revolution of technology that has changed the way we provide health care to older adults.

April 25
The Doctor Will See You Now….at Home
Speaker: Dr. Mark Nowaczynski, Clinical Director, House Calls Program

As the number of older Canadians climbs, so too will the ranks of older adults who become housebound and not able to access traditional office-based care. Dr. Nowaczynski, the founder of Toronto’s House Calls Program, and a gifted photographer and storyteller, explores the recent resurgence in the provision of house calls in Toronto through a photodocumentary that may provide you a telling glimpse into your future.

May 9
You Could Live a Long Life: Are You Ready?
Speaker: Lyndsay Green, Sociologist and Author of “You Could Live a Long Time: Are you Ready?” and “The Perfect Home for a Long Life: Housing Ourselves for the Future”

The elderly population is living longer than ever before. That is a good thing, right? In this session, Author Lyndsay Green offers practical advice that she has garnered from her research on how you can prepare for your so-called golden years now, so that you get as much satisfaction as possible from what may well be a long life.

June 20
How, Where, and When Would YOU Like to Die?
Speaker: Dr. Leah Steinberg, Clinical Lead, Palliative Care Consult Team, Mount Sinai Hospital

When it comes to end-of-life planning, the decisions involved can be overwhelming. In this session, Dr. Steinberg highlights the importance of advance thinking and planning surrounding end-of-life decisions, asking how, where, and when would you like to die? She will also review options available to all of us when we are dying.

Date: February 28, March 28, April 25, May 9 and June 20, 2015
Time: 2 - 4 p.m.
Location: Ryerson Library Theatre, LIB72, 350 Victoria Street
Cost: $10.00
Proceeds from the $10 seminar ticket go to the LIFE Institute Jack Brown Award Fund as Bursaries for Ryerson Students committed to studies and activities designed to improve the life of seniors in the community at large
Contact: For additional information, please contact Stephanie Callan: Program Assistant, Mount Sinai Hospital, at , ext. 7674

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


An Exclusive Learning Adventure for LIFE Members
May 28 – June 04, 2015

Come and join your fellow LIFE members on this exclusive trip organised by LIFE Travels in conjunction with Road Scholar (formerly known as Elderhostel).

On this 8-day trip we’re going to get to know as much as possible about the artistic and cultural sides of two great US cities – Philadelphia and New York City. NYC probably needs no introduction.
Suffice it to say that we will include the Metropolitan Museum, the Lincoln Center, the New York City Ballet, the 42nd Street theater district and Broadway itself.

And Philadelphia? What does it have to offer?  Well, there are the 3,600 murals of the Mural Arts Project, the Barnes Collection with all of its French Impressionist works, the Rodin Museum (possibly the best collection outside Paris), not to mention Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.
In addition, we include 3 major shows, Stephen Sondheim in Philly, and the ballet and a new Broadway musical in NYC. Also the expert lectures for which Road Scholar is famous – to help us appreciate even more what we are seeing.

So, grasp this opportunity to immerse yourself in art and culture, to experience two great cities, to eat great food, and to share all this with fellow LIFE members, both those you already know and those who are potential friends in the future.

The cost is $2,095 (US). This includes 7 nights’ accommodation, 17 meals, 5 expert lectures, 9 field trips, etc. What more could you ask?

To find out more, click on THE IMAGES BELOW for a brochure with full details of the trip and to learn how to register. (If you find it hard to read, please contact the LIFE Office
and they will email to you a PDF which will be easier to read)

A hint about travel:
You will note that the published price does not include transportation from and to Toronto. That’s because we wanted to give you as many options as possible. One hint, though. If you fly to and from Newark (EWR), you can take the train between Newark and Philadelphia (63 minutes) and between NYC and Newark (28 minutes). This is not an ad for Porter, but they do fly to EWR out of Billy Bishop, and they do have lots of sales.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014



Sex, Lies, and Exercise! It’s life in the city at its evocative best. Don’t miss
these 3 one-act plays written, directed, and performed by STUDIO members
+ 2 comedic monologues performed by STUDIO members, for as little as $12.

'Spin' by Richard Ellen, directed by Sue Foster
Novel ideas, preconceived notions….as the world spins

'Glory in Don Mills' by Clive Randewich, directed by Vrenia Ivonoffski
A cautionary tale that blows the lid off the ‘burbs’

'I Don’t Want You Dead' by Neil Naft, directed by Neil Naft
Two people search for the meaning of a line about two people searching for the
meaning of a line about two people searching for...

ADDED TREAT: 'Life is Funny' ~ 2 short solo performances
Marriage advice to aspiring couples
How not to ask for help after running someone over

Palmerston Library Theatre
560 Palmerston Ave., Toronto (near the Bloor/Bathurst Subway)

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6 at 2:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7 at 2:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8 at 1:30 p.m.

ACT II STUDIO members: $12; General Admission: $14

To purchase tickets, visit www.act2studio.ca and click the online
ticket tab or the link in URBAN MOODS SHOWCASE 2014 item.

ACT 2 STUDIO WORKS, Inc. is the production and touring company of the The Estelle Craig
ACT II STUDIO, one of the Programs 50+ the G.Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education,
Ryerson University. ACT II STUDIO is a theatre program for older adults offering courses in all
aspects of the dramatic arts. It is an accredited member of the Toronto Association of Acting
Studios (T.A.A.S.)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

LIFETravels: What We're Working on for 2015

The LIFE Travels Committee is working on a number of trips for 2015, and we’d like to bring you up-to-date on the plans.

Please note that all of these trips are under negotiation. We’re hoping that all of them will go, but at this point there are no guarantees. But do pencil in the approximate dates!

In the second half of March we’re negotiating a trip to Costa Rica for 15 days or so. This will have a combination of hiking and relaxing, including time at a hot springs resort. We will visit a number of the national parks for which Costa Rica is justly famous, as well as volcanoes and a cloud forest. We should have details of this one within the next month.

Next, we hope to have a 10-day visit to Bruges in late April. Bruges is possibly the best preserved medieval town in Europe, and we’ll have time to explore it thoroughly. While there, we will also see the best of Flanders, including its Canadian connections.

Another trip, maybe in May, would be to New York City for 6 days or so. One possibility is that this may have an emphasis on art.

In late August / early September it’s a 2-week exploration of the Canadian Maritimes with their spectacular coastlines, picturesque villages and distinctive culture, including the Bay of Fundy, Anne of Green Gables, and of course the Cabot Trail.

And for November we’re working on a trip of 21 days or so to Vietnam and Cambodia. This would include Hanoi, Halong, Ho Chi Minh City, the Mekong, and Angkor Wat.

In addition, we may also include one or two shorter, more local trips during 2015.

Thinking way ahead to early 2016, we’re looking at the possibility of going back to Cuba for 10 days or so in Feb/March, as well as repeating our recent highly successful trip to China (22 or 24 days).

Still to come in 2014:

NEW!  There will be a 3-day bus trip to Southwestern Ontario which will include birding and nature walks, Pelee Island Winery, Pelee National Park, archaeological and cultural sites, and a black history museum. Full details and costs will be available very soon. Dates are September 15-17.

Please note: The LIFE Travels to Sicily trip in October is now full.