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Wednesday, January 24, 2018


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CED : The Chang School, Ryerson University. 279 Victoria Street
ILLC: International Living Learning Centre, Ryerson University. enter via 133 Mutual Street or 240 Jarvis Street
KHE: Kerr Hall East, Ryerson University.340 Church Street
LIB: Library Building, Ryerson University. 350 Victoria Street
POD: Podium Building, Ryerson University. (Connects Library Building to Jorgenson Hall) 350 Victoria Street 
RAMADA: Ramada Plaza. 300 Jarvis Street
TEXTILE: Textile Museum of Canada (Auditorium). 55 Centre Avenue
VIC: Victoria Building, Ryerson University. 285 Victoria Street

For more information on Ryerson University class locations, please visit the LIFE Institute's AROUND RYERSON page where there are links to interactive maps, including the Ryerson University Accessibility Map.